100 Schools – 1000 Opportunities

Understanding what matters, together!

Due to their area and social composition, some schools in Austria face particular challenges. The research and development project "100 Schools – 1000 Opportunities", carried out by the University of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research, aims to gain a better understanding of how schools currently deal with their special challenges – in particular, how they deploy and use resources and what this means for school quality. Schools participating in this project receive the opportunity to apply for additional support that will enable them to further develop the quality of their work. The respective schools will receive additional, need-oriented resources for a certain period of time, starting in 2022. How this additional support is deployed and used at the school and how this affects school quality will be investigated by the team of the University of Vienna. The insights gained in the process should enable to develop evidence-based strategies to allocate resources to schools with special challenges.


Third networking event | Once again this year, the project team, school administrators and school quality managers met in St. Johann / Pongau in the context of the project. The program included a poster session by the research team, presentations by Prof. Esther Dominique Klein (TU Dortmund) and Markus Haider (Open School), impulses from school administrators from the project, as well as various workshops on the topic of "Communication and cooperation in the team".

Second networking event | For the second time, school principals, school quality managers and the project team came together to discuss pedagogical concepts and approaches to sustainable school development. Other items on the agenda included a poster session by the research team on initial project results and keynote speeches by school administrators Cordula Heckmann, Björn Lengwenus and Doris Pfingstner, all of whom have achieved turnarounds in their schools through school development in recent years.

Conference "How to support schools in challenging situations? Experiences from research projects" | In recent years, a number of large-scale (research) projects have been initiated in the German-speaking world in cooperation between academia, politics, and the practical world with the aim of providing better support for schools in challenging situations and increasing the educational opportunities of socially disadvantaged students. Given the complexity of the educational system as a field of interaction, which is characterized by structures that have evolved and grown together at various system levels, the question arises as to the conditions for the success of such projects. With this in mind, a conference was held at the University of Vienna on April 3 and 4, 2023. A total of 18 experts from science and education administration, including the "100 Schools - 1000 Opportunities" project team (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and University of Vienna) took part in the conference. Based on the contributions of the experts on day 1, recommendations for future projects in cooperation between science, politics and the practical field were developed in a structured exchange with the participation of experts from the educational administration on day 2. A written report on the results of the
results of the conference is in progress.

First networking event | In May 2022, the first networking event for the 100 schools took place. School administrators, school quality managers and the project team came together from all over Austria to exchange views on project topics. The aim of the event was to ensure that all participants have the latest information on the project and are informed about the next steps.

Press conference | On March 16, 2021, a press conference took place with Minister of Education Heinz Faßmann, Sibylle Hamann (spokesperson for education of the Green Party), Karin Lang (school quality manager), and Barbara Schober (Bildung-psychologist).

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